Oddly Shaped Arts: Exploring Isolation and Solitude Through Solitaire Games

Oddly Shaped Arts is a fictional games and collectibles company created by artist and designer Cam Liam Isaacs.

As an artist, I have always sought unique ways to express my emotions and thoughts. Through this fictional company/brand, I have found a medium that allows me to delve into the complex theme of solitude – I create immersive experiences that invite players to reflect on their own emotions with these experiences.

Solitaire games, traditionally played alone, do something to change the nature of isolation. They provide a barrier to feelings of being distanced from others, an act often dismissed as mere escapism, but can also be viewed as a type of active meditation. Through my designs, I aim to evoke a sense of introspection and contemplation, inviting players to explore these miniature landscapes on their own. Each game I design is carefully crafted to convey a specific mood or narrative. Whether it’s a psychedelic adventure down a Rabbit Hole, a sprawling Science Fiction universe, or a race to hack a computer, these environments become the backdrop for the player’s personal journey. Through gameplay mechanics and original aesthetics, I aim to immerse players in a world where they can experience feelings of solitude in a positive way. By adding a second layer to the experience – that of collecting, I want the player to be reminded that there are tangible rewards to these quiet moments alone in our heads.

In a society increasingly characterized by constant connectivity, my solitaire games provide a counterbalance – a quiet and introspective experience that encourages self-reflection. They serve as a reminder that moments of solitude can be transformative and insightful, allowing us to better understand ourselves and the world around us.

Through this fictional games company, I aspire to contribute to the evolving field of interactive art and storytelling. By using solitaire games as a medium, I aim to challenge traditional notions of what games can be and explore the profound emotional possibilities they offer. I believe that games have the power to provoke introspection, and foster a deeper understanding of the human experience.

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